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THE PANTO PUPS Part 2 - And Wendy Came Too


So in early April we set off on our road trip to meet and pick up Pan, fitting in around our work schedule.  It involved a drive right across France with an overnight stay. We had committed to adopt a dog who had not had the most comfortable start in life so we wanted to do everything we could to commit to meeting him for the first time with his foster parents and discuss fully face to face his needs. (There are other options available if you are going to adopt a charity dog of course, the dog can be transported by a qualified dog carrier service or be transported by volunteers in the charity).




Pan was not too fussed meeting us, his nature was a bit stand offish and a little timid of things he was not familiar with.  He liked to play though and peek at us through the bushes, just checking us out.

We had not realised that 2 other Panto Pups were also going to be there, and they had not been adopted yet, Wendy and Prince …. you know what’s coming don’t you!

Derek (my husband) found that a little female pup was attached to him and sat beside him when we were chatting to Marije.  This was Wendy, she certainly put on a show for us that day and her puppy eyes melted Derek’s heart (mine too).  It was too much of a coincidence that Pan and Wendy were there together, I do believe things happen for a reason.  We had not read her bio but looking at it now it certainly describes her well, “Bold, curious, tomboy…can be feisty at play!”  She is certainly all of that!

We had a lengthy discussion with Marije about adopting the 2 pups which included recommendations from the charity board which we paid great attention to.  “Not going to be easy” is the one I reflect on every day!

Not much sleep was had that night but in the morning we were so excited to go and pick up our Panto Pups! 




So once settled on the back seat with me off we went back to St Gervais where they would settle in our home there.  We had agreed to pick up another young dog as well and drop off to his new owners in Chamonix, he did not travel too well so was safely in his cage in the back.

As you can see not phased by the journey at all, no looking back for these two rascals.  Soon to start their Mountain Adventures (and of course our challenges!).

*If anyone has any questions about adopting a dog from Les Amis des Animaux please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give what advise we can.  



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