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THE PANTO PUPS Part 1 - Our search for PAN


Having been without a dog for almost a year (our previous dog was the most wonderful Black Labrador) we realised that as Spring approached we would need to fill the void in our lives, and so we did in style!  Determined to adopt a rescue pup we started looking, and spent many hours oohing and ahhing over the pups that were looking for their forever homes.  

There are many charities out there with very devoted individuals rescuing and fostering abandoned or homeless dogs and pups and finding caring people to give them the most wonderful lives.  Everyone should consider adopting rather than buying.

Our plan was to get one dog, we had had male dogs previously so that was our preference and we also wanted a dog that would be strong and agile enough to go up the local mountains with us in the summer and in winter join us ski touring.  We had no fixed breed in mind as we did not want to rule out any dog that would fit our lives.

I used facebook for my searches and very quickly became attached to the charity Les Amis des Animaux page being in France at the time we found it made it easier to adopt our little fur ball there.  

Click quote below for video of pups with their mum.

"Hello everyone, now 10 days old may I introduce you all to the Les Amis "Panto Pups", 5 boys are PeterPan, Jack, Buttons, Boots and Prince Charming, 3 girls Tinkerbell, Cinders and Wendy. Mum is an English Setter mix and dad is understood to be a Beauceron mix".

The pup that caught my eye was one of the PANTO PUPS, Peter Pan.  There were 8 black & tan pups born at the end of November 2018 and they were now ready for adoption.  The breed was Beauceron/Setter X


So my fingers started to type a message to the charity to show interest in PETER PAN!

This started a very professional and thorough interview process with Marije van der Linden from the @Les Amis des Animaux charity.

Marije provided all the information regarding Tache (mum) and the 8 pups found in an abandoned building when they were just born.  Thankfully Tache and the pups were rescued and cared for by those involved with the charity and we now had the opportunity to adopt Pan.

Photo: Tache, Mum of the Panto Pups who has found here forever home in England.

He sounded a little gem of a pup so after the successful interview process we were given the opportunity to reserve Pan.  Then the excitement started to build that we were going to have a young fur ball joining us in the Spring :-)


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