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Recycle Centre

We are offering a RECYCLE SERVICE for usable/undamaged parts from old/unwanted dog collars, leadsharnesses and climbing rope.  Through the use of these parts in our recycle section (will be set up when we have enough materials) we will donate £1 of the product sale price to our nominated DOG CHARITY Les Amis des Animaux.  Or you can nominate a charity when you send in your bits, we will let you know if we have managed to use your parts and what they have raised.  

We got our 2 rescue pups from our nominated charity (see above) in April 2019.  All animal charities do such fantastic jobs of rescuing and rehoming unwanted animals.  It is a time when we need to remember these poor animals as well the human impact of Covid-19.

There must be millions of parts out there that could be utilised in the making of new collars and leads.  Let's see if together we can put them to good use for either your dogs or other peoples four legged friends.

We can recycle various parts such as the rings, buckles and other closures/attachments as long as they are not broken or damaged.

Old Climbing Rope - If you have a connection for old climbing rope please let me know as we can use that to make rope leads.  This would be a fantastic way to utilise this type of rope. 

You can either contact me by Wag Mail to correspond about what you have before you send it in, or just send in the whole collars or leads or simply cut off the bits.  (If you know us please give us a shout by messenger or text before sending and we can see if we can arrange a meet up as we may be travelling).

From the UK If you want to post them in please just pop them into an envelope (don't forget to put in your contact details) and post to:

Shona Tate, 90 Argyll Road, Kinross, Perth & Kinross-shire, Scotland, KY13 8BL.

From Europe you can send to (please check with me first):

Shona Tate, 97 Chemin des Tulipes, Saint Gervais Les Bains, France, 74170

Thank you so much for helping to reduce waste and cut the cost of products to everyone as well as helping to support dogs, cats and other helpless animals out there who need our help.

Shona Tate



Recycle Old Collars/Leads/Harnesses