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Collar Profile #1 - BioThane Collars

So what's so special about BioThane I hear you ask!

Well, it is an inexpensive, very strong durable strap product that is now outselling leather and webbing.  It does not retain water, or smell, so it's a fantastic webbing to be used for animals collars...IDEAL FOR WATER DOGS! 

BioThane collars are the ideal collar for dogs that love water. Biothane is made from a polyester webbing that is powder coated with either polyurethane or polyvinyl materials, and is 100% non-toxic.  

So let's get your pups ready for SUMMER!

There is nothing worse than a leather collar that gets wet and becomes all slimy and stays wet for like forever and when it dries it goes hard, more rigid, and the quality diminishes.

​BioThane Collars don't retain water so have none of the above problems...they stay just as they were when the dog went into the water.

If BioThane collars get muddy or your dog rolls in something smelly...just give it a wash/wipe and it is good as gold again.

We can provide our BioThane Collars in a variety of colours, (click see our full chart).  We also use BioThane in some of our mixed Paracord and BioThane collars such as the Sprinter Collar


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