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Handmade - Customisable Pet Collars

What is Paracord?

Paracord is the nylon cord that is now regularly used as a general purpose utility cord and often used to make craft cord items and animal collars.

Originally, Paracord was used only as the suspension lines of parachutes but has had many unconventional uses since.

Photo: Explorer Collars and Bracelets

It is a very lightweight cord that can be easily woven to make very, very strong collars, it comes in a huge range of colours allowing us to make our collars vibrant and stand out from the crowd.

The S-Large size collars are made with Paracord 500 type lll, the bracelets and XS size collars are made with the thinner cord - Paracord 1.

So why Paracord?

It is lightweight, easily make into attractive colourful collar designs, it does not retain water, does not smell and retains it's form even when wet.  It can be washed very easily with mild detergent and warm water to bring it back to its vibrant self.  Paracord is UV resistant and does not rot.

​All in all it's a pretty fantastic material to work with.  It gives a flexibility to the collars that make them fit very comfortably agains the animal's neck, our collars look stunning when you see them in real life.  Can you imagine one on your pet?

What colour and style will you choose?




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