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What Dog Toys are most robust?

Well with having 2 pups of large breed dogs it has been quite a challenge finding suitably robust toys for them.

The nature of a pup is to destroy most of what is pout in front of them, we have ended up with a graveyard of damaged toys that are no longer safe to let them play with.


We did have an incident when they were in Kennels for the first time in the Uk while we were both working, when we picked them up we were informed that one of them had managed to destroy a Kong (red one!), only half of it remained so the other half had been chewed and digested.  Perhaps not what you want to hear from people you have entrusted your dog to.  All toys come with a warning of not leaving the dogs unattended with such toys, now we know why.


Large breed dogs have very strong jaws, so if they can get a grip on a toy then they are likely to be able to destroy it should they want to!

 The toys that have survived the test are ones which have a slightly slippy surface, the artichoke is a real winner for us... from Orbee Tuff They actually do a whole fruit bowl as you can see but the Artichoke is the best.  It can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter and it also has an unpredictable bounce with is ideal for keeping your dog on it's paws ready to move in different directions quickly.  It comes in around £17.95

Another brand - Ruff Wear do a similar toy called the Gnawt-a-Cone  it has similar features and is difficult from them to bite into and destroy.  It comes in around £10.95

So these are 2 winners in our house, they are around the same size but the Artichoke is lighter in weight and a softer surface so will not damage things as much if thrown around the house.

Squeaky toys are obviously great fun for you and your dog to play with, however they are usually soft and made of material which can be chewed and destroyed quickly.  We recommend this company Outward Hound.  I purchased a snake as an off chance it would be ok for my pups.  I has been a winner, they got it at Christmas time and it is the most played with toy in the house and it has no damage to it at all!  It costs around £12.99

With having 2 pups of the same age it has also given them a toy to both play with at the same time, and make lots of noise obviously!!!

The pups are a year and a half old now so not destroying toys at the rate they were, the only ones that do not pass the test are soft toys as it's too tempting for them to do so!

I hope that the above information is useful and goes some way to helping you purchase suitable toys that will last and not waste money on toys that just do not stand up to the test.

I would love to hear your experiences and what toys you would recommend.  Please comment below.



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