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Winter has arrived for the PUPS!

We have been out enjoying the start of the Winter here in St Gervais and the PUPS have such fun playing in the fresh snow with their friends and enjoying some new experiences.  I just had to get some of the photos out to you as they are just too amazing and cute :-)





They got to play in the powder and we took them for their very first SKI TOURING expedition!  For those who don't know ski touring is when we put skins on the bottom of our skis and we can calk uphill in our kit.  


The challenge for us was to try to educate Pan & Wendy not to play on top of our skis and to stay out of our way in a controlled manor...for those that know our 2 monsters you can imagine how this went.  We did get it semi under control and the outing as a first was a success.



Its fair to say they enjoyed the experience and would be happy to try it again :-)  Lots of training ahead :-)  

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